Effective logistics management is a key part of making the Brazilian economy work

More and more companies must think of logistics as something broad, combining tax and fiscal aspects for better asset management

By Anna Valle, Danilo Leal and Marcos Vranjac*
The logistics sector plays a fundamental role in the Brazilian economy, ensuring the efficient movement of goods throughout the national territory. 
The challenge of structuring companies' supply chains is a highly complex topic, especially given the number of variables involved (taxes, technologies, 
multiplicity of channels, logistics network, workforce, etc.).
Therefore, for logistical operations to occur effectively, it is essential to understand the importance of all these variables. 
A strategy that takes into account tax, logistical, processes, systems, technology and innovation aspects is essential to achieve efficiency, 
cost reduction and competitive advantage in operations.

Official material available in the Exam:https://exame.com/bussola/gestao-logistica-eficaz-e-peca-chave-para-fazer-andar-a-economia-brasileira/ 

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