/asbz announces three new advisory partners

The law firm /asbz, elected Most Admired by the ANÁLISE ADVOCACIA 2022 yearbook, announced three new advisory partners: Daniel Telles, Priscila Zanetti and Rodrigo Casarotti. The trio of professionals began their careers early in /asbz. They were all interns and rose from step to step within the firm, which claims to preach an entrepreneurial culture and invest in people’s development.

“I believe that in this new stage of work, challenges will appear in different ways. I have been with /asbz for 12 years and during this journey, I have already felt challenged several times. At this moment, I prefer to put into practice something that I have learned over these years, analyzing my professional plan and designing my expectations”, assured Daniel. Telles is a specialist in land tenure and mobile litigation solutions and is a partner-adviser in the Civil area.

Priscila, on the other hand, took over as partner-adviser in Mobility. The lawyer, a specialist in Aeronautical Law, hopes to lead new projects and teams to improve management and development in her area. In addition, I intend to collaborate with the development of plans connected to innovation and technology. “I built my career feeling part of the decision-making process and this movement towards society was natural, allowing a better adaptation to the new work routine and the time invested in building new projects, [in addition to] new relationships and professional partnerships” , said Priscilla. Since 2014 at the office, 

Rodrigo is the new partner-adviser of the Corporate Financial area. The lawyer, a specialist in Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions, graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). For him, new partners should practice their career experiences at the time of management and decision-making. “Perhaps the biggest routine challenge is to make the transition from full execution to managing people and the office, based on excellence in customer service and active participation in various environments and office management forums”, concluded Rodrigo.

Daniel Telles, Priscila Zanetti and Rodrigo Casarotti, new board members of /asbz (Image: Disclosure)

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