We believe that innovation transcends technology, which should only be a catalyst for the evolution of people, culture, and existing flows within any organization. More than simply doing our work, we want to positively impact the ecosystem in which we operate, by adopting actions that transcend words and foster evolution.

Below is a timeline with examples of actual practices adopted by /asbz since its foundation, which reflect this purpose.


Evaluation of people by their contribution, not by the Time Sheet

In 2011, contrary to common practice in the market, /asbz implemented a program to evaluate people that does not take into account the number of hours entered by each professional on the timesheet system, but, rather, based on several other individual and collective metrics.

Open numbers

Since 2011, /asbz has offered its professionals a complete partnership experience. Through its policies, the firm gives all its lawyers, regardless of seniority and function, access to various business management tools, including its cost, expense and income structure.

First quantitative applications in Law

As of 2012, /asbz introduced quantitative application in certain areas to make measurement of risks and opportunities more accurate and objective, to analyze the asymmetry of risks and benefits in specific situations, and also to demonstrate how the execution of legal work with excellence has a direct impact on the results of the companies involved, in addition to improving the relationship with all its stakeholders.

TBR (Tax Brief Review)

In 2014, /asbz launched a tax compliance program aiming to improve the diagnosis of risks and opportunities in companies, by applying a unique methodology that uses ten (10) specific pillars, and, further, quantitative analysis of market data and case law.

6-month family leave

In 2017, /asbz was one of the first law firms in the world to offer 6 (six) months of fully paid maternity and paternity leave, including for cases of adoption and same-sex unions. Leave can be taken at the time of birth/adoption or after one’s partner’s leave period.

Litigation BI

In 2018, /asbz developed its own business intelligence system that enables the monitoring of various metrics of the litigation history of certain clients, which represented a milestone in the reduction and prevention of new cases, in the improvement of the settlement policy, and in the maximization of their performance in court.

Creation of the Innovation and Technology Board and /asbzLabs

In 2020, /asbz created a board-level committee focused exclusively on matters related to innovation and technology, together with the establishment of a multidisciplinary group (/asbzLabs) aimed at creating new concepts, technologies and offers.

Neoway Partnership

In 2020, /asbz announced the launch of an exclusive partnership with the largest big data company in Latin America, Neoway, a company belonging to the B3 S/A - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão group.

Kapi Platform

In 2022, together with Neoway, /asbz launched the Kapi platform, the objective of which is to assist in large-scale and real-time management of the legal and fiscal good standing of business partners. Kapi was one of the first solutions in the legal field worldwide that managed to verify the good standing of companies on a large scale, reduce liabilities and contingencies, avoid reputational damage and, also, maximize the chances of success in legal disputes.

Social Cashback

In 2022, /asbz pioneered the Social Cashback Program. The mechanics are simple: /asbz customers pay their invoices by the due date, and part of the invoice amount will be redirected to accredited entities that can have a positive impact on the Brazilian population, in the following areas: social, inclusion, education, and promotion of diversity.

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