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The aviation industry has always been one of /asbz’s main areas of expertise. With highly qualified professionals, the firm currently assists domestic and international airlines, air taxi companies and several air transport operators in several different activities, involving all areas of Tax, Labor, Corporate, Regulatory, Environmental, Civil and Consumer law.

This deep understanding of the industry allows us to create and deliver comprehensive and efficient legal solutions, with high standards in meeting our clients’ needs.

We have actively participated in the most relevant discussions, deals and operations in the industry in recent years – such as the largest global airline mergers, acquisitions of equity interest, antitrust matters, class actions, licensing of operations, review of the industry’s regulations in Brazil, tax audits of great impact, in addition to industry forums, actively participating in regulatory processes conducted by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac).

Guilherme Amaral, our partner responsible for this area, is recognized in the Aviation practice by Chambers Latin America and The Legal 500 Latin America, two of the most renowned publications in the global legal market. /asbz is also recognized by the Análise Advocacia 500 yearbook and, currently, our firm is the most admired in Brazil in the Aviation industry. Guilherme Amaral ranks first among the professionals most admired by companies.


Banking operations permeate, directly or indirectly, all relationships and activities developed in a modern society, which naturally demands robust legal regulation that is constantly evolving.

Brazilian banking law is supported by solid domestic legislation and international conventions, but the gradual rise in the volume of banking operations and the constant business innovation of this segment increasingly requires the services of legal counsel.
In addition to this is the growing “judicialization” of banking relationships. Research by the National Council of Justice (CNJ) highlighted that, currently, the sector is the one that most concentrates new lawsuits filed by consumers.

/asbz has a team formed by professionals with an interdisciplinary vision, with extensive experience in litigation, advisory and dispute resolution, involving banking law and related areas. It stands out for its preventive, incisive and reflective practice, working closely with the courts, arbitration chambers and other regulatory and supervisory institutions.


Given the specificity of the Electric Energy sector, with its complexity of rules and standards, /asbz has a multidisciplinary team that provides legal services focused on presenting efficient and innovative solutions that affect this industry.

The firm provides full assistance to the industry’s agents in all sectors, whether in energy generation (conventional or renewable), transmission, distribution, commercialization and/or consumption, including work vis-à-vis government bodies (such as ANEEL, CCEE, ONS, MME, etc.); legal advice on contracts (CCVEEs, CCEARs, CCTs, CCDs, CUSTs, CUSDs, CPSTs, etc.) and judicial, arbitration and administrative litigation.

The work of /asbz also includes legal advice on energy projects, involving auditing and  contracts for the sale and purchase of companies and projects; Project Finance and fundraising and guidance on auction processes.

Sports and Entertainment

With recognized experience in the sports and entertainment industry, assisting in the structuring and development of businesses and in participating in highly complex litigation, /asbz professionals have a pioneering and outstanding performance in this practice. For the execution of such works, we count on a strong multidisciplinary performance, advising entities involved in the administration and practice of sports, athletes, entrepreneurs and companies with businesses related to sports and entertainment.

While providing legal assistance as consultants or representing clients in litigation cases, our team stands out by providing specialized advice, providing services such as the organization of sports entities, articles of incorporation and bylaws updates, assistance to investment funds linked to sports, preparation of the most varied types of contracts (employment, training, intermediation and agency, use license, brand licensing, sponsorship, among others), preparation and full monitoring of projects arising from the Sports Incentive Law.

In the field of entertainment, our team is responsible for litigation and advisory work in matters involving technology and television, virtual and broadcasting media, in addition to advising artists and producers in businesses involving medium and large-scale events.
We seek to unite all actors for the productive development of sports and entertainment, delivering results focused on the needs of our clients, with assertive boldness and excellence.


As a highly regulated sector, the pharmaceutical industry demands specialized action and an attentive eye to deliver the best solutions according to the specificities of the area. Working very closely with clients and professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market, /asbz understands the demands, concerns and requirements of this market.

Assisting the largest multinational laboratories in labor matters, our work is focused on strategic litigation and consulting. We take care of highly complex actions, such as those proposed by C-Level executives, and we deal with issues that directly involve the companies’ strategy, such as HR matters, hiring, dismissal, remuneration, benefits, settlement agreements and collective labor matters.
We are focused on delivering recommendations that interpret client exposure and risk. We understand the business and have extensive knowledge of the impacts of decisions made by companies in relation to their manufacturing units, advertising and sales teams and internal administrative teams. We are constantly seeking alternatives to make the client’s wishes viable, quickly, efficiently and clearly.

With an emphasis on creativity and assertiveness, we deliver robust theses that are out of the ordinary, including corporate language to enable clients to better understand the developments of their cases. Furthermore, we also have a distinctive approach to attorney-courts communication, including constant contacts and personalized work.

Logistics and Cargo Transport

The Cargo Transport and Logistics industry currently faces a scenario of serious legal uncertainty: the legislation on the subject is outdated, sparse and insufficient; the doctrines that are essential to bring balance to legal relationships lack clear legal provisions on certain matters (such as limitation and peremption); Brazilian case law shows little interest in harmonizing court decisions or the commercial practices and customs. In addition, the sluggishness of the court system prevents the decisions from keeping up with the dynamics of the market.

To deal with this complexity, we have compiled a team of lawyers who are familiar with international cargo transportation, logistics and foreign trade operations and who have experience in the litigation and advisory demands of companies in this industry.

Our lawyers are qualified to assist air and sea cargo agents, NVOCCs, OTMs, carriers, importers, exporters and other foreign trade players. We work in a strategic and multidisciplinary way, combining legal technical knowledge with the client’s business vision, thinking “outside the box”, proposing creative solutions, always focusing on delivering excellent services.

We are primarily focused on preventing disputes, with a view to reducing risks and costs, which we do, for example, by drafting or reviewing internal policies and supporting client decision-making. In litigation, we seek to carry out specialized and individualized work, with the objective of increasing the visibility of processes that deal with sensitive issues in the sector and, thus, collaborating to harmonize case law.

Payment Systems

In a globalized consumer market that has increasingly complex, dynamic, technological and cross-border transactions, payment systems have evolved steadily and exponentially to keep up with this scenario, which, as a result, ended up making the segment one of the most relevant in the Brazilian economy.

Due to the dynamism and prominence of payment systems, this market has been the object of constant regulation and challenges of the most diverse types. /asbz has a multidisciplinary team that is used to dealing with complex issues related to acquirers, sub acquirers, card brands, banks and other stakeholders in the segment.

/asbz still has a vast track record in structured operations, consulting and relevant litigation cases in this market, especially in matters involving Labor, Tax, Corporate, Consumer and Civil Law.


/asbz has established itself within the technology industry precisely because of its ability to provide legal services in an efficient and innovative way. While assisting businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to big-techs, we work to ensure that the Law is no longer considered a limiting factor but, rather, the protagonist in promoting businesses.

Our clients are leaders in providing technology and innovation for various sectors, such as: software licensing and services, payment methods and digital banks, deliveries and marketplaces, transport and logistics, social media and advertising, content production, sports, hospitality and events.

We operate in a multidisciplinary manner in Litigation and Consulting. We have accumulated expertise in cases involving business plan review, efficient structuring of investments and legal relationships, protection of intangible assets and institutional reputation, operational model planning, legal assistance in sensitive disputes, regulatory risk management and anticipation of legal trends.

The result of our work always aims to protect the company’s assets, facilitate scaling of operations, eliminate bureaucracy and legal obstacles, streamline legal processes and generate financial efficiency.


Retail is a vibrant industry, with numerous problems and variables that are crucial to the success of businesses. The legal positioning of the companies is strategic and has significant relevance in the composition of the final selling price and the success of the business.

/asbz has a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals who have recognized experience in retail operations, with deep knowledge of the daily needs and difficulties faced by the sector.

With the joint work of professionals from the Civil, Consumer, Labor, Tax and Corporate practice areas, we develop strategic, integrated and consistent work, taking into account all aspects of the retail business and their  impacts on the daily operations of companies.
Consumer trends and requirements, channels, automation, opportunities, pressure on costs, operating models, management, shareholder value, big data, new markets, social and environmental impacts of the business: all variables are analyzed in detail in order to build the best solutions or reverse adverse scenarios.

The boldness in creating differentiated arguments, with a focus on solving problems, is only possible with an effective and collaborative partnership between the client’s legal department and our team.

This alignment allows for high-quality technical and sectoral understanding, with direct repercussions on ordinary and strategic legal actions, as well as on the responses to consultations and the creation of new legal arguments.

We assist important retail multinationals in industries such as technology, electronics, services and fashion, and special mention goes to our operations and experience in the supermarket sector.