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/asbz believes that building a better future starts today. With that in mind, we launched the Social Cashback program. The mechanics are simple: /asbz customers pay their invoices by the due date, and part of the invoice value will be redirected to accredited entities that favor the Brazilian population, in the following areas: social, inclusion, education, and promotion of diversity.

Check out the institutions currently benefiting:

Through this type of action, we will increasingly connect people and companies with the common goal of living in a better world. Read the full regulation below:


Social Cashback Policy /asbz


1. Context and purpose

The /asbz ("/asbz" or "office"), reaffirming its belief in transcending words, and thus adopting perennial, sustainable, and timeless actions for a better world, created the program called Cashback Social ("Cashback Social" or “program”), an initiative in which part of the invoice paid on time by its clients will be reverted to the institutions and projects mentioned herein.


2. Commitment to generate new sources of resources for society

Once the conditions of the program are met, /asbz assumes the commitment to provide new sources of resources to society, under the terms established herein, by waiving part of its revenues.

This means, by way of example, that /asbz will not allocate funds previously available to business companies in general to the program (e.g., tax incentives), or, then, count as part of the program the value of human resources that are already used in /asbz's pro bono initiatives.


3. General conditions and operating mechanism

0.5% (half percent) of the net value of invoices issued by /asbz, and that is paid by the due date, will be destined to the institutions participating in the program. Those invoices that, regardless of reason, had their due date postponed, regardless of their reissue, will not be considered.


4. Allocation of resources

The funds raised through Cashback Social will be allocated to national and international institutions affiliated with the program, which will preferably focus on initiatives that favor the Brazilian population, in the following areas: social, inclusion, education, and promotion of diversity.


5. Access to results information

Each client will receive, periodically, a report of the amounts of their invoices that were destined for Social Cashback, while /asbz will publish to the market the institutions contemplated with the resources and the actions that were provided to the program (when this link can be established).


6. Legal relationship of /asbz and clients with participating institutions

In all cases, /absz will fully account for the revenue related to the invoice eligible for the program so that the corresponding items are donated after they are actually received by the office. In this dynamic, /asbz will treat the monies reverted to the participating institutions as donations, to appear as the only donor society.

Customers of /asbz, in turn, will not have any kind of legal relationship with the participating institutions, and they cannot be required to have any obligation or cash other than the payment of invoices for services provided by /asbz.


7. discretion of /asbz

Any characteristics or assumptions of the program, such as the participating institutions, the proportion of resources destined to the participating institutions, and the information contained in the reports sent to the market, among others, will be at the sole discretion of /asbz office modify the conditions of the program, or terminate it, without the prior consent of any parties involved.

Social Cashback is carried out by mere liberality of /asbz, and none of the parties involved can claim right or expectation with the office.


8. Term

This is CashBack Social's #1 policy, published on 8/11/2022, effective 9/1/2022.

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