/asbz promotes health and well-being actions for professionals

Data from the WHO indicate that Brazil is second in the world ranking in stress at work and the first most anxious country in the world. And this, increasingly, is a cause for genuine concern in companies. Health and well-being at work are vital components of a balanced professional life.

With humanized management as a pillar of its culture, /asbz created the “/asbz +Saúde” project, which seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding emotional health issues among professionals in the sector. The proposal aims to promote the individual’s comprehensive health, through preventive measures, such as management programs and actions to manage stress and anxiety, as well as a welcoming environment that favors the balance and well-being of the team.

According to Raquel Candini, people superintendent and creator of the project at /asbz, the focus that has been given to promoting the health of professionals in companies is essential. “Here our premise is to create and foster a healthy and socially transformative work environment. Our program seeks to encourage the prevention of health-related issues before they even occur – whether by encouraging quality lifestyles, safe work practices or even the adoption of habits that contribute to everyone’s well-being”, says Candini.

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