/asbz strengthens its commitment to inclusion and diversity

To mark the month of Respect for Cultural Diversity, /asbz promoted an event dedicated to strengthening its commitment to Diversity last Saturday, Oct 21. The meeting featured actions, debates and initiatives focused on promoting a more inclusive, respectful and collaborative work environment for all people, in addition to a theater presentation about ‘micro aggressions’ in the workplace, carried out by the ActioDH group.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is in the culture and purpose of /asbz to become a socially transformative and inclusive environment. At the event, the recordings were carried out by “Galera do Click”, an NGO dedicated to teaching and introducing photography to young people with Down Syndrome, who are seeking inclusion in the job market. With the partnership, the idea is to perpetuate the discussion and the firm’s perspective on DE&I.

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