Lawyer’s Day: Firms bet on legal marketing to reinforce differentials

Recent campaigns such as /asbz reinforce that the moment for the country’s main newsstands is to strengthen business management through legal marketing.

On Lawyer’s Day, August 11, professionals can celebrate significant changes in the current scenario. Little by little, OAB determinations reduced business advertising and legal marketing used to be frowned upon in the market. Today, the Body promotes and instructs the firms to carry out a good performance in marketing, establishing a conduct different from that seen in other sectors, but attracting professionals to this aspect. This area is increasingly helping newsstands to reinforce business management and work on their differentials in a niche and competitive market. According to OAB data from August 2022, there is 1 lawyer for every 164 Brazilians, which represents the highest proportion in the world. In total, there are 1.3 million professionals in Brazil, which reinforces the need to reach “consumers” in the right way.

Law firms also benefit from differentials

One of the law firms that has been assertively carrying out this action is /asbz, which is launching its campaign today. For the first time, with the motto #NãoFoiSorte , the office will feature 360 ​​actions, with insertions in online and offline media and internal communication.

“This campaign is another important step that /asbz takes in the market. With it, we solidify our pioneering spirit, the desire to make a difference and, more than that, we signal that our history is the result of hard work and dedication”, says Laura Buttarello, Director of Customer Experience at /asbz.

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