Office /asbz promotes chat with Lívia Azevedo, director of Corporate Happiness at Heineken

The idea is to address the importance of corporate happiness and a culture that allows development and growth, always supported by the emotional health and well-being of professionals. This is yet another initiative by /asbz that reinforces Lawyer’s Day, on August 11th, next Friday, an important date for the firm and that promises to bring other surprises to the market.

“We are very happy to receive such a relevant guest on the subject and who completely dialogues with the way the firm works. We have a management model based on values, which sees corporate happiness as something essential for the development and maintenance of talent. Here at /asbz, we pursue the purpose of having a socially transformative work environment and, all of this, has its main origin in the way we act among our peers and internal colleagues”, explains Alfredo Zucca, CEO of /asbz.

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